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For everyone unsure about RP, PvP and this game.

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For everyone unsure about RP, PvP and this game.

Post by Haruka on Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:15 pm

Basically one of the last times I'll explain this:


It means you ROLEPLAY speech-wise
e.g Haruka smirks/drops his gown on the floor.
Attacking or Fighting is just attacking like in PvP. Clear enough to understand?

Besides I've made it so Ilfang attacks on-sight. Barely anyone will be able to type whilst fighting a 20K HP Boss.


That was a quote from another comments box which I posted on.

RPing has to be done. But when it comes to fights etc. Go ahead and PvP it out.
I clearly just don't want to see "Lololololololol ur liek a baws at 1 handed swrd mastery dude" and internet speech as such filling SAO. It would only make it senseless.

RPing isn't hard. Just narrating what you do. Not everything has to be RPed though changing clothes is an obvious Yes Yes.

I'm not going to do that map again after it took so long.

-Cant feel sorry for myself.

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