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Charge Attack 103410

Charge Attack

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Charge Attack Empty Charge Attack

Post by Laucaei on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:31 pm

Using the ''ChargeAttack'' verb / macro makes combat trivial. You can attack at a ridiculously low delay and it renders the ordinary ''Attack'' verb obsolete.

There is also a rather abusive method of gaining a lot of cor and experience quickly with this. For example, charging a 100+ damage strike on a Boar kills it as expected, however the corpse persists and spamming the ''ChargeAttack'' verb again allows a series of insta-kills on the same dead Boar. This ramps up the cor and experience gained to asinine heights, causing you to receive almost 10x the amount that you would ordinarily gain.

This completely imbalances any sort of weapon speed and strength properties that may be put in place in the future.

Just a heads up. bom

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Charge Attack Empty Re: Charge Attack

Post by Haruka on Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:00 pm

Ya, thanks for the heads-up. I've seen that bug and it's driving me CRAZY. So I'll do something about it now. However as for the spammy Charge Attack, I have yet to put the delay however I will do it right now!


Due to that, we'll wipe, however I will continue to hold the double EXP event for a few more days as compensation.

I'm not going to do that map again after it took so long.

-Cant feel sorry for myself.

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