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More bugs! Yay? x3 103410

More bugs! Yay? x3

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More bugs! Yay? x3 Empty More bugs! Yay? x3

Post by Drakina on Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:11 am

First of all, Dunno if this was meant or not, But the attack verbs, I.E. Charge and release,  are both missing. Checked in commands and no attack nowhere.

Second, My save seems to have mysteriously been wiped, as I tried loading when I logged in earlier and I got a black screen. :xagain, Dunno if it was meant or not. Welp. Saw the reason. So that one's kinda out x3

And last, which I find it to be a big problem, Couldn't find boars, or any kind of monsters, ANYWHERE. I think I surveyed the whole ToB map area and only trees...grass....flowers...rain.
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